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Wow, singing subs! This is a pretty quintessential image, I'm sure people can relate to having either been there or seen it played out in movies and song videos for generations!

I like it a lot, even the emo aspect to it is forgivable! Plus very nice shirt colour.


HAHA This is fantastic! I love it.


this is so awesome phil! i love your presentations!

pilihp profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments and votes.

fyi - the song is "I Swear" by All 4 One and it's suppose to be cheesy and something unexpected :)
you can click on the shirt icon on the bottom right corner to see the design on the shirt.

thanks again!


$5 absolutely!


just in time for the 80s flash back...4


i'm sad you didn't put the say anything song there.... :((((


aww sweet! and i was expecting the song from the movie.. but its different.


too emo for me.


This would be great if it were a contest for "Say Anything." Plus its the wrong song and the dude looks nothing like John Cusack.

pilihp profile pic Artist

haha... :) thanks for all the comments. keep'em coming!

it's not for a contest for "Say Anything"... that's why it's a different song and he's doesn't look like John Cusack. i am only using the reference of Cusack's character holding up the boombox to convey the message of taking a chance to show that special someone how you feel. and about the design being emo or too emo, well, aren't we all a bit emo when we get dumped or rejected?

i thought the song would be funny and cheesy... didn't realize there was such hatred for All 4 One (no wonder they're not around anymore). anyways, if the song sways your vote on the design, sobeit.

mezo profile pic Alumni

If ONLY the shirt sang. This would be a fucking winner. That's right, I said fucking.


would be awesome if this t shirt actually had a button on it to play that song.. nice idea tho..


lloyd dobler is my hero

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