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Wow, singing subs! This is a pretty quintessential image, I'm sure people can relate to having either been there or seen it played out in movies and song videos for generations!

I like it a lot, even the emo aspect to it is forgivable! Plus very nice shirt colour.


HAHA This is fantastic! I love it.


this is so awesome phil! i love your presentations!

pilihp profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments and votes.

fyi - the song is "I Swear" by All 4 One and it's suppose to be cheesy and something unexpected :)
you can click on the shirt icon on the bottom right corner to see the design on the shirt.

thanks again!


just in time for the 80s flash back...4


i'm sad you didn't put the say anything song there.... :((((


aww sweet! and i was expecting the song from the movie.. but its different.


too emo for me.


This would be great if it were a contest for "Say Anything." Plus its the wrong song and the dude looks nothing like John Cusack.

pilihp profile pic Artist

haha... :) thanks for all the comments. keep'em coming!

it's not for a contest for "Say Anything"... that's why it's a different song and he's doesn't look like John Cusack. i am only using the reference of Cusack's character holding up the boombox to convey the message of taking a chance to show that special someone how you feel. and about the design being emo or too emo, well, aren't we all a bit emo when we get dumped or rejected?

i thought the song would be funny and cheesy... didn't realize there was such hatred for All 4 One (no wonder they're not around anymore). anyways, if the song sways your vote on the design, sobeit.

mezo profile pic Alumni

If ONLY the shirt sang. This would be a fucking winner. That's right, I said fucking.


would be awesome if this t shirt actually had a button on it to play that song.. nice idea tho..


lloyd dobler is my hero

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