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Pandora's Box by Jebs on Threadless
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hmmm et pourquoi la corde est détendue ? La boite est en train de s'ouvrir?


I always expected Pandora's Box to be a little less...cardboard-ish.

filak profile pic Alumni

Nice $5


If the background depicts the dangerous things that could result in opening Pandora's box, then it's too late. It's been opened. So maybe the box should be open in this design.


bellethiel, the cross doesn't have to be interpreted as Christianity's symbol. I didn't see it that way. I see the cross in this design as symbolizing all the pain that comes from the state punishing people (rightly or wrongly). Crucifixion was the Roman Empire's way of keeping its citizens in line and all the pain involved made sure it was very effective. I'm sure some think so negatively of Christianity that they will see the cross as representing the religion and all the suffering that has unjustly come about by people inflicting it in the name of Jesus. I'm just showing you there's an alternate interpretation.

Jebs profile pic Artist

hello everybody! for the colors, i do the variations today ;-) For the symbol of christianity, helo explained you very well (love your comments) nicely the stuff, you also could only see the cross on a cemetery, symbolizing Death, without all the religion symbolic ;-)

Then, for the representation of the box being opened, i chosed to design it closed but, showing too what's in it: saying, it's too late, by representing what it's in the box through the background, like a big cloud, emanation, of what it's in the box...arghhh, i'm bad in english :/

for the classic representation of the's a choice too, constrasting between this simple box and all the complexity and pain that is "in it"...a try of emphasis in a way...thanks everybody!

Jebs profile pic Artist

OK!!! New colors (green version and blue version) on my threadless blog (click on the nickname as always)...what ya think dudes?


less text more rapture.


I like the design being orange or red colors which are associated with danger. Blue and green are more peaceful colors and seem to work against the theme of danger in the design.

Jebs profile pic Artist

helo> that's impressive, it seems that each time i do something, at a purpose, you find out the reason, amazing! Yes it was the reason why i used those colors, but the green can be interpreted in something toxic, like a gas, so it can work too ;-) for the others, now i'm sure the text is not appropriated (anyway, i usually, like this one, create my own fonts...but REMEMBER, it can be changed easily ;-) )

Jebs profile pic Artist

el dictador cubano> dear calvin and hobbes ^^ just click on my nickname "jebs", and you'll see on my blog the variations ;-)

Larlar profile pic Alumni

I like it, but I think it would look a whole lot better without "Pandora's Box".

Jebs profile pic Artist

merci biticol :-)


i love the surrounding things. especiually the stick man with the gun.

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