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Old School by Jebs on Threadless
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cool idea ilike the break out at the bottom.. this needs to be in different colours tho.. like reds n stuff.. like a mario level.. it just doesn't look like game colours.. so kinda ruins it!

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody! so on my blog, now (just click on my nickname) you can see versions in light blue and orange :-)
organ-donor> because it's about nostalgy, i use those colors, but i can try red or green too! i'll try asap (why not now? lol)


i would by tee with duck :D

.. it was long time when I a last played "duck shooting".... nostalgy :)

Jebs profile pic Artist

eheh, and now ladies and gentlemen: two new colors of tee on my blog (still click on the blog) :-) Green (like our old monochromes) and Flashy Red...

Jebs profile pic Artist

ok, my last try is in gold, with flashy again, my blog ;-) thanks for comments in advance!


i like the orange one.. and if it had a light blue b/g i'd like it even more.. i'm still giving this a 5$ cos i do love it!


i defnitely like it, but not in that color $4


Really love the concept, but think it could've been worked out slightly better. The ghost and the invader seem a little bit out of place in these surroundings, and I'm not sure if the thing in the center is supposed to be a rainbow, but if it is the shape is a little off.
So I'm afraid I wouldn't buy it as it is now, but once again; the concept is great and I would love to see another design from you in the same style!


I like it a lot, but lavender is probably not the way to go. Since you basically just have a monochromatic gradient going, it could easily be shifted to any color at all. 5$

filak profile pic Alumni

Hello Jebs $5


I would prefer another colour instead of violet but I like the graphics

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody! i would love the people who don't like this color to see the others in my blog, before voting...because i did 6-7 colors variations from it ;-)
socialsun> eheh, you can also see arkanoid :-) (brick game) and tetris (the two little clouds with pieces near them) and the famous Atari Joystick :-D

filak> hello!!! (je vais t'envoyer un mail)


damn! 5$!!!

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks ljluense> nope, i have 4 colors, and even if the shades of the fifth color (tee shirt) are very tiny and detailed, it will works, believe me ;-)


Brilliant. My vote's for the gold variation. 8-bit paradise, man. $5


i love it ! The concept AND the color. Mais où sont mes tendres années ... bon, je m'en retourne jouer à la nes :p

Jebs profile pic Artist

levenez> ahah, mais t'es partout!!!!!! :-D J'atais dégouté qu'il ne soit pas pris à lafraise, mais ici, il marche bien :-)


gold and green are the way to go color-wise! I buy in a heartbeat $555


I like it but it feels too busy.


orange rocks!!!

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