Monster Mash-Up

Design by spencer fruhling

Monster Mash-Up by spencer fruhling on Threadless
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awesome! I love family trees and diagram shirts


Man - i'm gutted for you. This would have been an awesome entry for Hell Goo

I'm not sure about some of the ancestry - a giraffe? but loving most of it - the bats parents for example.

Colours are good, but i think would have worked nicer on the browner shades of shirts - i don't have enough geek points yet to know their actual names.

Wicked idea mate, and sorry you missed out, this is nice and original.

Hope it'll get printed once everyones forgot about the Hell Goo contest anyway - 5 $

why don't you see how it scores up here, then resub it later on - stick in a werewolf and a swamp thing, lose the alien and dinosaur and have it as a kinda classic monsters family tree...


i'm sorry for the above...

Paragraphs? Hello?


i like it cause it makes little to no to perfect sense.


The alien's lineage is the funniest ( a whole planet being one of the parents and all the question marks is hilarious ). The beastiality in the zombie and vampire lineages messes it up
for me. The dinosaur's lineage needs something to make it more
interesting. When I first looked at it I was mixing up the zombie and vampire lineages. They should have a little more space between them so they don't look like they're connected.


At first i thought it was ONE big family. The closeness of the lineages is confusing. I would LOVE to wear this shirt, but i think it would be better to concentrate on one lineage only and color it a bit to make it more interresting.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

cool, it wouldnt have won the comp (not because of any lack of quality) but its definately a solid sub and pretty creative. I still want your kick ass tee to get printed though.


The giraffe and the headhunter giving the vampire's wife a long neck is hilarious. I also like the rat and bird making the bat. Really good, subtle jokes.


Wow. I want to buy this shirt.


THATS F***ING AWESOME.. 5$ i love it

.onion profile pic Alumni

it's a great idea and very funny, but really really hard to see.


I really do like the family tree concept and the drawings, but i would really change the color of the shirt. I hate the blue.

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