Friendly Fire

Design by kennybanzai

Friendly Fire by kennybanzai on Threadless
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kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Remind me of tesco's Happiness (coz of teh Gojirrah)

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Hi There, Thanks for your votes everyone! I hope you enjoy my first design for Threadless :)


Does that say "Jesus Christ" in katakana? That's how I read it. Yesu Christo?


It will be cooler if you leave out the text, or somehow rearrange the text and remove at least some of it. Right now it's too much text, and it doesn't even fit in with the font and position and all.


Otherwise the design is really cool. You should try to integrate the text in the design somehow if you want to keep it. At least that's what I think.

kennybanzai profile pic Artist

Thanks for the constructiveness.

go to , and translate - Jesus is my home boy to Japanese. The Characters above is what you'll get. Then translate those back to English and you get a funny , "Yes Christ is my same home village person." I think thats funny, and mixed with some Japanese Zilla Fire Hearts Lotus least it makes me happy. I'm half Japanese too and can't speak the language well, so it fits. In Japan Theres lots of goofy English tshirts like "New York No Problem" and the like. Maybe we could switch it up for once. Arigato Gozaimasu!


Haha, reverse Engrish (Nihonglish?) FTW!


This is some goooood stuff. $5

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