The Unusual Suspects

Design by steven218

The Unusual Suspects by steven218 on Threadless
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Those first two critters are cuu-tttee! I want to invite them into my house! 5$


text spacing on the signs looks weird


Agreed - total disappointment because I loved this shirt, but it's possible it wasn't intentional (at least a couple Hollywood standard monsters in there). Based on the creativity question I might skip it, but it gets a perfect 10 for cuteness in my book. Maybe something with similar characters in a new situation would be the way to go?


i liked your last one...
but i like this one too

d3d profile pic Alumni

that's the most scottish looking zombie i ever saw. nice job.

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Nice Job!


big tick from me

steven218 profile pic Artist

My apologies to Mr Gorsky - I genuinely had no idea that this idea had been subbed already, in fact i had toyed with the idea of the line up myself but opted for mugshots as to be honest, i couldn't find time to draw the bodies in...

Glad to see someone picked up on the monroeville mall bit though.


He'd also be pretty dumb to steal a design that was still in the running. It a coincidence, and more wearable than the other design. $5.


The theme for this competition is "Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!". Doesn't exactly leave a multitude of options, does it? Why are people so quick to scream bloody murder whenever they see two subs based on the same idea? I just scored both designs within minutes of each other and it didn't even cross my mind that this was "stolen"?

Enough. I dig this a lot, especially on the lighter shirt.
Just a question about the scale though. I'm guessing it's in feet, but I don't think i've ever seen a scale divided into half-feet as well... unless the scale's in metres, which wouldn't make any sense. Just my 2 cents.

little g
little g profile pic Alumni

The idea is taken!

FROM A MOVIE!!! It's not stolen.

Look guys the idea existed before either one decided to implement it into a graphic. It's a funny parody and If anyone took the time to look into steven218's profile they would see he has submitted many talented designs and is an active member of the forum community. Not the type to try and steal.

Personally this one does it more for me. I gave it a $4

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Great execution. I dig how you put individual info on the signs they're holding. Nice touch.


To accuse this fellow of stealing is preposterous. The idea of the "lineup" has often found its way into popular culture. Get a grip.

Also, you did a really nice job with this, Steven.

steven218 profile pic Artist

thanks guys


There have been five designs previous that have used the line-up with the title 'Usual Suspects' or 'Unusual Suspects'. Does that mean that they copied from each other? I don't think so. Or did you give Mr.Gorsky a zero, too, ladynight?


Great work, Steven! Very original! :)

steven218 profile pic Artist

cheers squinty!

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