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totally printable

if I had 5-yr-old septuplets, I'd buy one for each of them

...but I don't.

so 5$, cuz I'd buy it for me.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

yeah it says blahd like blood.


I love how the dinosaur is just returning the
"favor" to the vampire. When the dino goes
vamp everyone better watch out.

Ava Adore

haha cool!

bananaphone profile pic Artist

big fucking deal, thankyou for talking about the tshirt. Obviously I spend so much time on the side text.


A friend of mine would love this
forwards to friend

$5 $5 ^ ; ^ Great textures.........

bananaphone profile pic Artist

there is no reference, the dinosaur has 2 bite marks on his neck and the dino has returned the favor.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

well how exactly are you supposed to draw vampire bite marks. Nearly everyone else got it, maybe you ought to come to terms with the fact that you are a stupid person? (based on alot of your other comments too)


LaVerdad by sound of things your just not the kinda person thats able process visual information. Good illustrations have there own narative that you should be able to read without text (or handholding). People with the correct neural connections are able to extract this dialogue at a glance and dont tend to walk around gallerys looking at works saying
I JUSS DONT GID ID MAA....GUUYUK! If you're having trouble with this try television (it has words to go with the pictures ; p


^I vote on every submission based on its individual merit (although I quite like a few of bananaphones subs; ) it has nothing to do with how crude/well executed the illustration is. I can see quite clearly that the style used here is one thats considered and intentional and has no bearing on the artists skills other than positively in my humble opinion. If this style isn't for you thats fair enough you just need to say that and move on (that doesn't get peoples backs up ; ) But when you go trashing other peoples work in a non constuctive manner just for the hell of it that just reflects badly on you... So do yourself a favor and go read up on Art and Design and when you return maybe you'll be able to view peolpes work with open eyes (perhaps even be able to pass of the odd constuctive comment)... Because at present it seems that you're the one who could do with improving in the way you interact with and pass comments on the work that people submit here...

Good luck with that ^ - ^

spires profile pic Alumni

LaVerdad has lots of tidbits to add to design discussions, but he's often obviously wrong or thoughtless.


bananaphone profile pic Artist

it's been a while since i had someone follow me around hating on my stuff =)

bananaphone profile pic Artist

It's just a pity there is no competition with you, at least with some of the other people I could have a decent argument - or there was a bit of to and thro, but with you, you're just an idiot. Wheres the interest in that?

bananaphone profile pic Artist

that text wasn't on the tshirt, so no, you weren't talking about the tshirt. You can shut up now.


I dont mean to be rude at all but can you please explain to me what happening in this shirt? I just can't see it for the life of me. :(


well anyways, i like it. :)

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Wow starr, I missed a ' in a sub. Oh dear god we're all going to die, thank god you're here.


LOFL! Hot damn, that paragraph has to be the funniest thing Ive read in awhile


Haha, wow petty! Great shirt! I would so wear this.

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