Rest Bite.

Design by Sku Style

Rest Bite. by Sku Style on Threadless
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Would buy on a burgundy tee ...

Works on Jeans color.

Do we need the blood spill at the end of the tube?


Great drawing! I was put off a bit by the blood dripping out of the tube, but besides that it's super cute.

Please do not resub this again without the blood spill.

Tiny changes like "losing the text" aren't really worth a resubmission, especially when you haven't even waited to see how the first one scored.


haha this would be a good shirt for a blood drive. i love it.


I love bats. I go outside at twilight just to see them. :)


Love it, the bat is so cute. Looks good on grey. I think the tube needs to be spilling a lil blood. Like he just finished eating, hence the nap. cute cute cute.



I dont get the name ? What am i missing ?

She Says So

is really cute.

but not the sort of thing id wear.

still a 5

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