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Kojima profile pic Alumni

I like the unique style.

Looks like the arm is pulling a p_ _ . The text on the bottom looks like a p_ _ _ with t _ _ _ .


Neat design. It looks great on the tee. I like the orange or green tees best.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Are you saying penis, Kojima?

Penis with testicles?


Moonie Suzukie?/?
yeah contemporary rock throw-back thing
looks good/colors... ok.. yeah ok


qshine db?

yeohgh profile pic Artist

I was rush try to finish the design last night and finally love the result and the colour, submit it last minute. great to know everyone love the design!!! :D Big thanks all for your great comments and support!!!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

this is awesome!! you are definitely one of my favorite designers here. the orange/purple color scheme is my favorite!

yeohgh profile pic Artist

thanks sonmi, i love your stuff too, and hope we can meet up one day to talk about design and art! Let ROCK the world ahha!!!Anyone want to join?


heheheh it reminds my the yellow submarien movie, cause of the flaying hand in blue. Someone else saw that movie? it was awesome and beatles rules!!!


kinda looks like a beatlesesque take on the arcade fire album cover.


hand definitely looks like its pulling a tallywacker, pud, jimmy, johnson, wang, dong, twig, trunk, blampostick, he-part, weiner, hotdog, baby-batter-distributer...

yeohgh profile pic Artist

haha 'handjob', 'p- - - - " etc, , this is totally not my first intention to create this design, haha.... but i love how people can see it within the design aha,,and build that 'interesting' connection to it..this really make me laugh & i think is fantastic aha!! thanks for all great imagination!!! cheers! :D

yeohgh profile pic Artist

my idea and concept regard this design is to create a design related back to 60's, want to have such a 'hippies' look, cos the movie gave me such a 'hippies' happy moment, especially the van, characters in the story etc.

May be this is why it look alike the yellow submarine for some of you, that Ok for me because we do find thing related to our own experience and peoples we love.

yeohgh profile pic Artist

haa to explain it all,,,,guess what the hand is holding? well, definitely some of you think is that 'P thing' ahha,,,actually is my own interpretation of 'clouds', the sun and storm and clouds make the ideas to tell the story of the movie.

Life not always perfect as it is, but also not as bad as you think!

Thanks again for the comments and LOVE< PEACE < SHINE :D

yeohgh profile pic Artist

thanks blokhead for your comments! cheers!
thank terrydactyl, tht good point, will take on board!! :D

thINK profile pic Alumni

Wicked style

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oh, I do love the design and how everything interweaves.

CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni

It kind of looks like it says "shine die".


like the design. not so fond of the colors.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

I like the green colored tee one! The color is so gorgerous!

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