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ha ha haa... i HATE (love) that song!!! 5

staffell profile pic Alumni

see now this is well done!

staffell profile pic Alumni

but i would try a darker blue for the shadow maybe?

Big Ed


bortwein profile pic Alumni

I think the grey you used is a bit too dark. The napkin just isn't coming across as well as it could be because of that. Concept is good but not as strong as your balloons.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Okay, let's get the negative gripes out in one comment so everyone can feel better and give positive feedback:

1) WAH! Threadless employees shouldn't be allowed to submit! They cheat!
2) WAH! Those aren't vectors! That's a HALFTONE!
3) WAH! Copywright infringement!

Whew! Got that out of the way. Good idea, but placement is a bit odd since that shape doesn't read as a napkin from a distance. Good to see you're putting your Mardi Gras success to good use. ;)

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I was gonna suggest this song in your blog.

Looks nice, but not terribly exciting. 3


love/hate the song, but i didn't really realize it was a napkin.

whats with all the song-related shirts lately? is this a new theme? (not that i mind)

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Nice, but I recall someone already designing a tee that references this song. Wish I could find it, cause it was a decent design too. (done very differently if I remember correctly)

Are you going to go through all the songs on your 'Summer Hits 84" cassette tape looking for inspiration?

Can't wait for Hazy Fantazie's 'Shiny Shiny'!!


I know someone already said it, but it was the first thought that came t my mind and I think it's important so I'm gonna say it again...

"I got your number... I got your number on the wall..."

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