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Time Out by Ste7en on Threadless
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death by crayon

I really like this. Great idea and execution of it. I hope it gets printed. :)



I give this a ZERO!

No, I'm kidding. I ♥ it. And I would wear it with pride! Until some day in the future when I lose my sense of humor, and then I'll go back to the past and stop myself from wearing this shirt.



Seriously great idea. And right now I could use that ability! Please print threadless, you know you want to! $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

STE7EN. You need more fonts on your computer.

plastikaa profile pic Alumni

really clever idea...

"In the future we'll be able to erase our mistakes made in the past" would probably read better (but who knows im useless at grammar)

I like the idea and could see this going further ... maybe add in some erasing of wars and other stuff thats happened like a shuttle disaster etc.

For example but some buildings in and tanks etc. erased out - then in the background add the shuttle (put a sequence into the picture) and erase the last one as it explodes. However these are just two ideas right off the top of my head - at least 5 different events and things should be put in. Email me if you want more ideas (or if you dont want to make changes but would be happy for me to have a try!!) - http://www.websitegoeshere.com/contact.php


buy it 5$ love it even though it gos against all theories of time time travel :) (i feel so geeky right now) lol


I think we would all like to erase some of our mistakes but remember, mistakes are things we learn from so do we really want to erase them. Also, remember that if we alter our past than we change our future. However, As Plastikaa says, thre are things we can erase to make the world a better, safer plase and such.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

well if you want to get into it like that...if we go into the past and erase our mistakes, in the future we would have no reason to go into the past...so we would never actually be able to erase our mistakes anyway...its a paradox of time travel..but its a nice thought on paper...or a tee shirt


I hope we're never able to erase our mistakes! Whats the point? Time travel should be an observation-only feat I say.

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