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i don't think i'd buy/wear it, but it's a really funny concept


My dad is ex RAF (retired) and loves the red arrows. I can sort of imagine he'd love this too, so I'm voting $5 on his behalf.


i thought it said hello


British Equivilent? Think you'll find we had them first Pal!

But neat concept : )

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Thanks for your thoughts. I didn't want to cover the t-shirt in vapour trails, which it would have been if the trails linked up. Besides, there is a plane missing from the left of the arrowhead formation and for the sake of symmetry, we can deduce that it would have white vapour. I thought it would have been clear! :-( The idea was to make it look as though it was spiralling out of control in the way that a balloon does if let go when filled with air. If it looked too much like text, it would lose its authenticity (in the loosest sense of the word). The word itself is actually unimportant - when I created it, my intention was for people to look twice to see if it actually says anything. PS: I am a Brit, but I worded the explanation in that way because Threadless is US-based. Must keep Uncle Sam happy.


I agree with December13. I think that would really solidify the design. The concept is great btw.


Random fact! The Australian version is called the Roulettes. The first thing that I thought when I saw this design was a light, funny sort of mood where the stray plane is comically out of control. I don't want this to be a sad shirt, I like it happy. Anyway. 5.

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I share your optimism! Some would have the pilot spiralling helplessly to a burning death, but thats not what I wanted! I'd say you've described exactly what I was trying to achieve - it is a comical moment - the plane being out of control, rather than in terminal malfunction. Hence the upward trajectory which provides us all with hope. Sad shirts make me sad also. Thanks


I think it's a good idea but the point could come across better if the pilot started out on the same path as the others and then strayed off to form the help sign. Otherwise he seems to disconnected from the other planes.

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too patriotic?!

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