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a shuttlecock is not a ball...


i can't be bothered to try and count - but isn't there too many colours?

If not, then respect for creating the illusion of about a million colours

But not particularly crazy about the design tho

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Can we use fonts like on Dafont? otherwise there are too many colors...

cheripoffs profile pic Artist

1."cock" and balls is a joke.

2. I used combinations of white red blue and yellow to create extra colours (like that swatches shirt).

3. The text is from dafont but its not on shirt i just used it for the promo.
To the best of my knowledge, u can use fonts that say "free" but not "free for personal use" in dafont. Please correct me if i'm wrong.


im trying to count the colors on here, how many do you have!?

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I didn't see that the text was not on the shirt... sorry... going to my bed now...


Definately too many colours, despite the clever use of 'created colours' a la swatch, but I count at least 5 stand alones, plus the shirt.


to clarify that's red, yellow, green, blue and white on black!

cheripoffs profile pic Artist

runningewithcolours: im an aussie so i guess its more surprising that i put nfl and baseball

lovesushi: green isn't there its a mixture of blue and yellow and the shirt colour doesn't count

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