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i'm not sure what changed between this and the original. the color, yes, but that's not enough to resub something.

staffell profile pic Alumni

you cheeky bastard! linking to your own site from your submission is naughty naughty

arctictiger profile pic Artist

If I wasn't allowed to do it then they wouldn't allow it to be scored :D


i was only commenting on what i read in the submission guidlines:

Please only submit your design once and do not submit additional submissions for changes in color, size or placement. Designs changed slightly based on comments will still be treated as duplicates. If the concept didn't go over well the first time around, just try something new.

arctictiger profile pic Artist

Ah rite, that previous comment wasnt regarding you sorry it was meant towards the linking rant.

I know the design is very similar however it scored fairly high first time around and Threadless didn't have half the members it does now so I am trying my luck with the current croud and hopefully people will like it :D

I know its a bit unimaginative but I like this design.


the illustration wouldn't work at all without the text bexx"

arctictiger profile pic Artist

I know they are quite similar but when I designed this I had neer seen or heard of and Uglydoll





now that i've been to that site
i want an ugly doll


dude, you're the one that designed emotional trip! that shirt was awesome!

anyways, I give this shirt a 4 because the drawing is cool, but I don't like the text

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