Original Sin

Design by tiphaine

Original Sin



Don't like the manequin legs for Eve, but I love everything else.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

You perfectly managed to revise the "in the bushes" designs with that background.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Beauty. 5


I love the background design and the colours, but Eve's legs are giving me the fantods. A simple pair of legs in the same style as her arm would make this a 5$.

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

love the trees and the subtlye color use!
great work!


love the back ground/idea
not the way the girl's drawn

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

that's awesome! great job. $5


Nice use of negative space and t-shirt color.


I hope this gets printed.


whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside yo trunk? hah. 5.

outline profile pic Alumni

wow, brilliant


id buyt one for me and one for my sisters friend Lora.


glad you included the placement on the model. it would look great as a shirt.


I really like this except for her left leg which looks like she has elephantitis of the lower leg. I like how the placement looks on the model, but I don't know if people with tummies (like myself) could pull it off.


Stupid Eve!

I love the redimentary forms you used to make such an elegant piece. You nailed the placement dead-on!

Getcho paycheck and live!



BTW I spotted the Satan the serpent!


sweet. love the colors, placement, and design. 5buy

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

yea this one is awesome!


very cool! i like! if there was a style reason for her body the way it is, then by all means keep it. but it does contrast w/ the style of your background, which i love. 4$


Everything on thisa shirt is amazing. It is so original and interesting! This is my favorite shirt by far that I have seen/scored today... UI hope it wins...i would totally buy it!!!


Now I wish there were a 6, because this is leagues more awesome than everything else I've scored a 5 (well, except that one).

I need this in the most desperate way imaginable.

chronically bizarre

those legs are really bugging me...but I think I would still buy it


Jenna Lupey

that's really cool
i like how the backround is


i want this. the colours are amazing. can't stop looking at that juicy apple.


i like the style of the legs, but the rest of eve's body doesn't go, if you could re-draw eve with either the leg style or the more connected style i think it would be so much better, you still get a 5 from me though, i really like it.


Congrats on the print. This is a great example of why I stick around at Threadless. =]

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