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Papaprime profile pic Alumni

THis would look nice wiht a grey ink. (I'm guessing you're going for the look recently used on the "Death, our nations #1 killer" shirt)

Maybe a slightly darker shade of a lighter colored shirt, so it still seems ghosted, but it would be matched by a color more of the ladies would enjoy, as I don't see this selling to too many guys.

I know I personally wouldn't wear a shirt with the prominent adjective printed was "beautiful".


I always thought that would be the coolest thing to say to somebody, but I was always too chicken to do it, even with all those caveats.

Still, what could make someone feel better about themselves than to hear that?



james blunt must die


James Blunt must die, surely, but he never said 'You're beautiful' as beautifully as this shirt. Nicely done! :)


Not a fan of the song, but I feel that way often.


I didn't think of the song when I saw the shirt. I LOVE this shirt. $5


death to blunt. life to this beautiful shirt. i wish the two did not have to be assosiated.


Henceforth, let us never mention the blighted Blunt again.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

$5 especially when printed black on black - awesome!


good slogan $5


im going to use this line on at random girls at the mall today


i messed up, whoops!


black on black is a nice idea


I think the black on black is hard to read but I love this shirt, I would rather have white on black... But I would probably buy it regardless.

I just don't want any of the lovely detail to be lost in the black. :)


black on black is more subtle and makes it more of a mystery, i think it works better this way...

plus, the designer of this shirt is clearly a black person, you really cant go wrong with black, because shes kind of cute

(puts glasses on)

oh, nevermind

death by crayon

I really like the message and how it was executed. 5.

jublin profile pic Alumni

haha. nate is such a goomba.

i really like the typography on this one. it's very much full of, how my teacher would say, "compulsive beauty".

pretty smart eh? 5$!!!!!


i love this shirt. i'd like it better white on black or grey on black or silver on black, but even black on black gets a $5

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