The Right To Bear Arms

Design by Terry Citizen

The Right To Bear Arms by Terry Citizen on Threadless
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this is an old design, the old one was awesome. this one, not so much.


hahaha, VERY FUNNY!!!!!

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Also family guy'd

Terry Citizen
Terry Citizen profile pic Artist

okay. so I wish they'd fix the whole first comment thing.

I admit it's not the most original concept (then again so aren't alot of threadless submissions that have been printed in the past) and yes, I know of the bustedtees version, which I discovered after starting this one.

Still I had fun illustrating this and I thought, why not. I like the expression and I'm not really that fond of the bustedtees apporach anyway.

Anyway, doesn't look like the receiption has been great. I'm not going to apologize for my design because I still think it is good (even if it has been done) and works.

So if nothing else it's a learning curve.

Thanx to those who were at least constructive in their criticism, the rest can suck it.

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At least I thought it was great. Too bad it got dropped.

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