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Jebs profile pic Artist

deadpoetic> fabulous man :) it is the difference between you and a lot of graphists from which it's hard to see a real life , drawing first is marvelous if you want to keep your style alive on the finished design, and for you, it works perfectly! for me it depends, sometimes, i draw first, sometimes, like this one, which has a minimalist style, i draw it directly on Illustrator. see you ^^

Jebs profile pic Artist

sorry for my poor english, it seems that i am a 9 years old boy who write lol


isn't this a sterephonics song?

I'm sorry but you lose points for that straight away...

Jebs profile pic Artist

deadpoetic> lol! maybe i'll do it too, and thanks for comments! seven hundred> no no, no problems :) i was listening to the stereophonics songs "thousand trees", when i thought it would be good to make an artwork about it, i don't hide the influence at all ;-) i don't copy others, but when i am inspired by something else, i don't hide it.


I remember the Forest Service doing ads exactly like this. "One tree can make 1,000 matches. One match can burn down 1,000 trees." Remember, Smokey says: Only you can prevent copyright infringement.

Jebs profile pic Artist

r'son> don't know this ad: i live in France! ;) for the stereophonics song, i love it too, the first album is for me their best one ^^


Awww, digestif, if a human can be a mass murderer, why can't a tree aspire to the same? :D

Really love the style, but would probably not wear it. 4.

Jebs profile pic Artist

apy> mdr! c'est plus fort que moi, on m'a toujours dit que je devrais me couper la langue ^^ Ca me fait SUPER plaisir de te lire ici, sur l'une de mes réas, tu sais ce que je pense de tes oeuvres, forcément, tes apprécations, comme celles d'un filak, shaolin, nesk, last, lordyoyo, casa etc... vu votre talent, ont beaucoup de signification pour moi ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

ethilien> the text is not on the tee shirt! ;)

filak profile pic Alumni

Great idea - 5$

chronically bizarre

I'm definitely digging this design, I know tons of people I could show it to and receive tons of street team points because of it and then buy myself one ^^



i don't even think you need the numbers. It's a very clever idea $5


Only thing I don't like is the "1 x" on the left sides, it's not really necessary (that's the programmer in me talking, sorry)... otherwise, looks awesome :)

Jebs profile pic Artist

ok, thanks everybody, i'll put aversion in the blog without the numbers ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

HERE THEY ARE! :) two new versions on my BLOG...just tell me what ya think about that ;-) thanks in advance

Jebs profile pic Artist

lebowskii> i wrote it above, dude ;-)


whoa. that took me awhile to figure out, but i LOVE it.


for the tree-huggers/math geeks in all of us...

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