80´s DJ

Design by hugohaddad@hotmail.com

80´s  DJ by hugohaddad@hotmail.com on Threadless
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thats pretty sweet 5


your design rocks but ST0P T4LKING L1K3 THAT

The Ending

I said it in the critique and ill say it here: the and really lets down the desing. Apart from the hand i like it


I like it. It's simple, but I think it captures the 80's. Good work.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice oldschool feel

melh696 profile pic Alumni

i love the colors!


I don't think Hugo just happened to replace all his S's with 5's in his opening comment. There's a secret subliminal message there.


I agree about the hand being not so great and the dotted curves are irritatingly ragged. Otherwise I like it a lot.


jillpettipas on Mar 11 '07
creating fake accounts and scoring yourself 5$ is really lame.

don't just assume it was the designer! there is nothing wrong with promoting your design to your friends, even if they don't have threadless accounts.

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

yeah, niceness.

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