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stars and a lightning bolt on a blue tee, can life get any better? $5


im in awe of this simple design. not sure about the stars on the bottom though... $


t-shirt should be white circle yellow stars and bolt red

just my opinion

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

aww wicked - cheers folks - glad you like it : )


i think it's sort of boring. . .

SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

Hey - yeah Rooster - the last star on the five down the side also has the lightning bolt bursting out it, i kinda thought of it as being like a rating system - much-like threadless - with 5 stars being like the best you can get/A+ etc and the bolt to make it seem even better... I really wasen't sure weather or not to add them at the end - it was an idea i had just as i was about to submit. I asked a few mates and work colleagues and the reckoned to go with it. Personally I think it adds some nice detail. I really should have illustrated it better on the template - maybe a zoomed in version or something.

And with regard to colour choices - its amazing how quickly a Tee with a star on the front starts to look too Captain America-y, and i felt the yellow and blues took it far enough away from this. However i'm sure, if i'm lucky enough to get printed, the colour of Tee could be left up to the buyer.

Anyway glad most people like it. Cheers again.


it looks like a rotated version of the bapesta. only the bape is one is better executed.


must say i like it quite a bit
its simple and it's appealing
It almost should have brand recognition, but there's no brand to attach it to, which makes it that much better.

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