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filak profile pic Alumni

Good concept, in green too $5.


well i do like a good beatle

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks ;-) so, at the beginning it is a Tribute to the classic Beetle, which is also my favourite car. I felt it would be nice to keep in this design my initial sketch, to make this effect of “oldie” design. I'll post the Green in the blog in the weekend so you see it better ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

caraes> just because it's my favorite car ;-)

mezo profile pic Alumni

That font makes me cringe!
This design would make for a decent button, sticker, or maybe even patch...but not as a Threadless shirt due to it's Wal-Mart feel.

Also, I can clearly see a scrotum in the hood.

Jebs profile pic Artist

mezo> a scrotum? lol. Anyway, i send sometimes personal designs to Threadless, just for fun, and this is one of those (of course, the only one who can wear a tee with a bettle, would be an owner of the car ;-) )

Jebs profile pic Artist

kookat6> thanks dude! your comment is a ray of light in the darkness eheheh :-)

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