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Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks for the initial comments, i'll make alternatives on the threadless blog like always:
(i already did one with different eyes)
i will try glows and smoothers stars asap ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

4lanie> which team you root for? :-) (too bad for The Oilers ;-) ) and thanks siouxsie!

filak profile pic Alumni

Great design $5.


it's funny how when we personificate things we feel differently towards them

Ava Adore

luv the expression of the moon!

Jebs profile pic Artist

hi! thanks again! I've just put a new version on my blog (click on jebs) with a little glow effect on the stars, like you asked me ;-) dazedandconfused> why not dark blue, i think it works on all the dark colors, even brown.

Jebs profile pic Artist

filak> ah c'est super sympa d'etre passé! merci ma caille (tu remarqueras que j'ai pris note de tes conseils précieux) ^^


This is a great design! I love that it has meaning behind it and what the meaning is. I'd buy it for sure!

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody! shimmer>thanks a lot! i'm happy to see that you appreciate the fact i tried to mean something through my design ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

dynamo> t'es vraiment un ange :-) ca fait un bout de temps qu'ona pas chatté, j'espère que tu vas bien, trés bien même! ;-)


nice comment on the current state of advertising...
great illustration 2.
i'd wear it.


Vraiment bien !! Idée, couleur, réa, c'est marrant :)

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