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Why is a cat eating cheese?

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deegee> why not? seriously i had a cat years ago that ate cheese a lot...cats love milk don't they ;-) well anyway, realism is not what i seek on this artwork of course ;-) And it was my first artwork i did this year (i reworked it a little and sent it a few days ago...). That's strange, i wrote a comment about it when i did the submission....and finally, there's nothing written :/

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upsidedown>ah??? like mine? can you give me the link?


i like the way the cat looks like a scorpion but i'm not loving this...


Do mice have bellybottons? It looks weird that the rat is put together humanish... Like a human with a tail and a rat head. I feel confused and put off by that.


As a photographer, I would never wear this.


I'm just left feeling sorry for the cat.

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heyyou> :/ what are you saying? ok, we see a piece of cheese...and? I did this artwork for a french site "Lafraise" in March!!!!!!!! Anyway, that's the second time someone says it's similar; i don't agree, ok it's not soooo different, but it is NOT the same. Thanks!


I dont think this has anything to do with the printed sub Cheese. just because the same food is in it doesnt make it the same thing.

as for the design, the perspective on the cat and the trap bother me. the mouse and camera and shown from straight on, where the cat and trap are shown from higher point of view, like someone is looking down on them. I think that all three really need to be from the same angle.

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velvetsamurai> in fact, i can't say you are wrong are absolutly right! As i said previously, it was one of my first works, i reworked it, but now, i really see (with help of your comments) that it is weak...i guess i should have reworked it at the beginning...but i am also not sure my idea worths it too. Thanks everybody again, your comments are very constructive ;-)

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salut dynamo> lol c'est normal, c'est le premier que j'ai fait pour Lafraise, je ne l'aime pas ;-)

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