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Homnibus> thanks for your comment! My english is betraying me these days!!! Now i remember like you said, that it is said "Lab" and not "labo"...Electroshock i don't think so, but experiments (on different species) of course ;-) It is a symbolic design in fact

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Eheh, no problem, when i did this one, i knew it would be perhaps too much complicated, and confusing for the ones who look at it ;-) It's a link: the sufferance of the animal (the past centuries) for the pleasure of the human being, for progress, for money, for medical laboratories, for comfort, for everything. Experiments, monkeys sent in Space etc... I love to altrene designs personal like this, just because i want to do it, and other more relaxing ;-)

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dynamo> ahah, merci pour tous tes commentaires, t'es un ange :-D good luck pour ton gorille aussi!

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thanks dude ;-)

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