Lonely angel

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Lonely angel by xiaobaosg on Threadless
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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

and the next step in turning this site into a hentai site goes to...

Jebs profile pic Alumni

poetry, just poetry 5$

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

its well drawn just the wings need to be more apparent


Eh...I honestly dont think the "pretty girl on a shirt with a couple of artsy designs or flowers" is creative or special or anything much anymore....


The Mighty Hermaphrodite(y)!

xiaobaosg profile pic Artist

Yup, it really look like she had a winky~ Haha!!

Bananaphone and somethingaboutairplanes - I don't think i had such power to make this site into hentai site. Is what you think that make it so....

Thanks for the comments.


I like the style of the art. It could work well on a girlie shirt but it does kinda look like she crapped against awall. Perhaps a different texture behind her might lessen the poopy pants syndrome goin on.


Jus A Rascal, at 2:44pm on Jun 8, 2006
fix the vaginal area and perfecto

If I had a nickel for every time I said that ...


that's definitely a cock

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

angels wear underpants? AWESOME!


i think it's pretty cool. it would be a lot better if you fixed the undies and those weird strands of hair that seem to be sticking to her cheek. i like it on black. :)


looks more like a fairy than an angel.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Normally I would never wear anything like this, but I really like it! And I actually would buy this. I don't know what it is, but I do like it.

mini dukes III

I wouldn't wear it, and she has male parts.


I like the design a lot
but I dont like the text in it
and it looks best on black


like everyone else, i do not like the underwear/vagina/penis part. but otherwise I ADOREEEEEEE IT. so so so so so so awesome. good job.


good style, but what's with the underwear??


no cameltoe... i c little angry penis... fix and print! i like.


This is a cool design, I always enjoy vectoring photo realism with surreal. I wouldn't buy this unless the crotch area was fixed though. $4


Um, I don't know about the other girls, but I'd never wear something like this.

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