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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

yep same side. It's rare that people see both your back and your front so I'm not usually for 2 sided tees.


i adore this. i don't even care if you put it on the same side. $5.


Two sided tees are awesome because if you can properly pull off being an attention whore at all times, most people will give an involuntary glance back at you. Not to mention that when anybody sees something on your shirt back, they almost automatically try to see whats on the front.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

REALLY? the colors were my favorite part of designing this... huh. Well im posting larger pics in my profile and they will be stationary so you can get a better look. Hope you all like it.
Oh and ill consider the one side thing... i just like double sided shirts, like joecacola said, it makes everyone guess what the other side is and it automatically becomes a funny little icebreaker.


I'd prefer it without the pitcher, but its a great design either way.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

yeah there is no text on the shirt... i guess i understand how you could see that but its not.


I like it as well.
Im thinking the lemons with the stretcher should be in the bottom right corner of the shirt, perhaps with a trial of lemon juice from the pitcher to them...
Im just not fond of stuff on the back of shirts thats all.


......... .......... ............ Oh! Thats a stretcher? took me a while. You could make that a lot clearer with some different drawing.

.onion profile pic Alumni



I think the two sided tee works well as a punchline and I love the idea behind this tee. My only problem is that the font of the wording. My first glance I thought it said "lemon-did" and I didn't get it. I think you could skip the text.

Pitcher on front, deadlemon on back as an afterthought/consequence/punchline and it's a $5.

any other arrangement and it's a $4.

I'd also like to see how the color scheme works on a Pink Tee (although I do like the blue) because everybody likes pink lemonade and so it seems like it might work. Maybe not though. whatever. it's good as it is.



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