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Off The Wall by hogboy on Threadless
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Damn she's foxy.

hogboy profile pic Artist

ok... let me explain (forgot to write in the description field... doh)

Because this is for th Blik contest it is not only designed with a tshirt in mind but also a series of wall decals. There are 3 in the series, each featuring a 70s style wallpaper afro character.


Anyone else craving waffles right now?

hogboy profile pic Artist

haha its meant to be wallpaper but I do see the similarity to waffles... & yep pILAMY I agree the picture on the left is cooler but lets face it, theres no way in hell that would ever be able to be be made into a die-cut wall decal let alone a t-shirt.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I thought the people on the leftside IS THE DESIGN. Until i saw the waffle.

hogboy profile pic Artist's not a waffle! haha


Looks like a disco ball hand grenade

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