The Reaper

Design by Robsoul

The Reaper by Robsoul on Threadless
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adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

like the "comedy" reference...

Big Ed

Is she wearing a New Kids on the Block shirt? That's freakin hilarious.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

great work rob! love it on the yellow

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah rob this is great .. how do you get it to look somewhat sketchy .. I need to learn how to do that

mezo profile pic Alumni

This design is Hang'n Tough!


cool shirt
something about the girl's face/head bothers me... the angle and the eyes or the forehead I think... maybe the things in the hair should be more rigidly straight
and the ribbon might be a little overdone

Luke... profile pic Alumni

always awesome illustration, love her face and head...

Robsoul profile pic Artist

^ forget about fastjumper, I'm just please to know that I can trust wikipedia ... although I really shouldn't

Robsoul profile pic Artist
  • forget about it, fastjumper
mikemills profile pic Alumni

Yeah, why not. I dig her - 5$


i like your raw style.
it's true.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Good point lucyfarfort, I just did a sketch incorporating the legs. I think I'll finish it up and see what it looks like... funnily enough the boots she is wearing in the sketch is a def knock-off off the type of shoes Travis usually uses on his characters ;-)

Robsoul profile pic Artist

yeah, you're funny. they're actually hair pins to stab your fucking throat out moron.

tesco profile pic Alumni


Robsoul profile pic Artist

anyway, that's what they are for... I mean when I draw someone I gve them a personality, I draw in things that are a part of them and that is what those are... she doesn't use a skythe, she uses crazy ass ninja hair pins

steven218 profile pic Alumni

great as always rob!

i love your style



I cannot believe this score.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Thanks for the defense DeathCabForMallory but Lineman and I had a go at each other a while back, he just isn't over it yet ;-)

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