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Little Red

Design by jaimez

Little Red by jaimez on Threadless
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rippin' style holmes!


The trees are marvelous.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

yeah the boxiness...

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

btw the boxiness would work better on a dark but thatd throw your colours out.


i raelly like the style
i wouldn't wear it but it'd look great on my wifey

pilihp profile pic Alumni

i like the illustration... maybe roughen up the edges of the box/border so its not so boxy.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

beautiful style. put it on a black tee (or same color tee as the tees and the girls darks)



Love the art but the boxiness is painful.4 but 5$ if you do something with the boxiness.


Nice design. Good use of the colors to create depth.


I agree, it's amazing, I really like it, but the 'boxiness' of it is stopping me from giving it a high rating.


Excellent drawing and i could see them printing it if you redesigned the frame to make it look more cohesive, much like the tree-framed designs of late.


nice illustration, i don't even mind the box/frame on this one

there's been sort of a glut of fairytale subs recently though

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

way to make a splash with your first few subs!!! I really like your style.
The box on this one's not my favorite. But your illustrations are great.
You'll get printed soon if you keep submissions this high quality coming in.
4, 5 if it didn't have such hard edges on the boxed in look....


the box is the problem, but very well!


I'm starting to like the box the more I look at gives me the sense of being in the situation while being unable to help LRRH...adds that sense of helplessness, which is hard to accomplish on a shirt...definitely not on ash shirt though...


very nice illustration! you did a good job of showing the characters' personalities through their expressions.
i'm not a huge fan of the harsh borders of the design, though.

Awesome! I got a postcard of this from, like only a couple of weeks ago. I got the set for a friend also and this was our favorite! =)

Hmm.. tshirt comments instead of geeking out about awesomeness... well I believe that your "Homeless" submission is more likely to get printed on threadless (and I'll be buying it!), but if it doesn't don't give up! And do more prints at nucleus so I can buy more of your stuff.. or I guess you'll have stuff on your site soon.. lol.

mezo profile pic Alumni

That certainly is beautiful...try to work a design where the corners of your art fade out, rather than block off. Honestly, the harsh straight lines of the box take attention away from lovely delicateness of your linework.


I'm in the "boxiness works on dark colours" camp!
Love the design though. $5

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