the fuzz

Design by ekaj47

the fuzz by ekaj47 on Threadless
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chemi hydro

I like it but do you think you could take off his helmet and protective gear, maybe tie his shoes together or give him a chalk outline? I don't know just a suggestion.
I like this one yo


hahah =)

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

just to clarify for all yous self proclaimed threadless cops out there - this is a photo I TOOK while driving, sort of a favorite thing of mine to capture, cops doing nothing - I tend not to rip off photos from the internet due to the readily avialable world around me and my digital camera, thanks for your concern though

if you look at the blix web site most of their stuff is 1 or 2 color easy patterns or designs able to duplicate well for placing all over a wall.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I wish he was wearing a fuzzy pink suit or soomething suggestive of the title. I like it though, just would like to see it pushed more like your other work.

And there is nothing wrong with ctrl + C / ctrl + V, it just depends what you do with it.


You shouldn't be operating a camera while driving.


lower corner placement is best
I like it, but the black on dark green is a little hard to see... maybe it wouldn't be when it was printed though

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

notsomysteriousman - well when a man of the law approves i'm just speechless


Not all cops like donuts! I prefer muffins or cookies yes, I am going to go get a cookie.

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