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i like the purple and the zebra better than the girl...she'll try and seduce every guy see while i'm wearing it


Design looks pretty good, but never on a shirt. Which guy in their right mind would ever wear that, and why would a girl have some random girls face on their shirt? The concept for a shirt really doesn't make any sense eventhough there is nothing really wrong with the design. Sorry:(

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

well guys not every shirt is gonna be unisex here... i agree its too girly for my tastes but that doesnt mean it deserves a worse score because i couldnt wear it, but i will say there are many parts of this design that just dont fit/make sense as they are, and the objects you chose dont fit together well enough to make it a great design

mini dukes III

"no, a guy could easily pull this off if it didn't have the zebra. "


I actually like it a lot. I'm not sure I'd want to wear it, though.

mezo profile pic Alumni

It is pretty....but brown, pink, and purple? I once barfed those 3 colors together.


Good drawing, but I don't want to wear a random chick on my chest thanks.

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