Helping Hands

Design by mag391

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well this would have been really cool but the first thing that I thought of was that "You're in good hands with Allstate" sorry but although it would be a cool red cross shirt it is already cemented in my mind as linked to an insurance company.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Allstate rules.


simple. the symbol of humanity - hands.


This is one that I think would actually benefit form having text. It would have to be really well done though.


This is definitely my favorite heart-metaphor shirt. Very well done, very well executed.
Only problem is, I, at first, thought of allstate, not the american red cross. Hopefully that won't be the case for everyone, though. Nice shirt!

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i like it placed in the middle, the other one looks like it would be grabbing your boob or something.
the design is nice, good stuff.


Sodacap_bum, at 4:58pm on Apr 17, 2006
i agree with hannabear

i think the following.

a) lose the puppy
b) keep the puppy and make his shadow big too.
c) make the green a little more subtle and not so GREEN!! because it's an annoying green against the pretty brown and sweet color of the puppy.

otherwise, very very good sub

^^^^ same here but i like the green definitly hopeu resub with some of those changes still will give it a 5$


^^^^^^^ opps some reason this is the wrong page

.onion profile pic Alumni

boring design, and the hands are pretty badly done (compared to other hands i've seen on threadless).


too christian symbol

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