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Great anti animal skin message 'no blind fur kil'

Its about time this cause was championed on threadless.


OMG another anti war shirt! if you drive a car you have no right to be preachy about oil


No oil for pacifists.


and catalist, yeah bush is doing the best he can, but umm... lets think how he got there, o yeah, he put himself in the shithole. you really have no idea what you are talking about. bush is doing TONS of illegal stuff all over the place and doing boneheaded moves everywhere too. i dont even want to go into it

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This isn't meant to knock at Bush in any way. We are fighting a war over people who have their hands dirty in the oil business. I think the fact that Bush owns some oil companies is a conflict of interest don't you?

The prices aren't dropping because they are using the war to drive the need to developed better technology when it comes to gas. The sad thing is if you do some REAL research, you will find the price per mile of a hybrid car is actually more than the price of a hummer. Why you ask? Because the hybrid costs way more to develop and build.

Shirtflirt has a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

small thing... you would just want to solve, because buying a vowel costs money per letter. Sorry just a side note. As for the whole anti-war/bush thing. No one here is going to have their minds changed over a threadless comment but I agree this war is over oil. We use the most oil in the world and yet we have it the cheapest, compared to other countries where it is atleast 50 cents more a gallon, china is an up and commer and expects to triple its consumption in only a couple years time, so securing oil would be a main priority, its been proven there were no weapons of mass destruction, we went to war without the UN's consent... lasty any other fuel alternative so far is no better than gasoline, hybrid is the only one that does any good... electricity and hydrogen take just as much if not more oil to create this alternative than to actually power a car. Solar energy and wind are the only alternative that rivals the cleanliness of hydrogen and will give you a nearly cheap power over time. But you do still have to create those objects using oil. I say we spend all our time developing electric cars charged by solar panel or wind powered refueling stations... but that would require our countries leader to not be making money off of our main resource... which the country we conveniently just attacked has the reported largest oil supply in the world.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

oh yeah sorry... 5$

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Pacifists should be shot!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

and so should anyone that whines:
"oh no another anti-war shirt!, I don't wear anti-war shirts, t-shirts aren't supposed to have a message blah blah blah"

T-shirts have ALWAYS been about delivering a message.. go read some books!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

the comment 2 comments above was a joke btw... would make a great tee don't you think. I'm a pacifist and i'd love to ssport the irony.

mindtrance profile pic Artist

who cares if the saying has been used before. Why reinvent the wheel? It says exactly what it needs to say. Don't hate, appreciate.

mindtrance profile pic Artist

I can agrue both sides of the war to be honest, I'm very open minded. I appreciate everything you do Stiffy, honestly. I have family and friends in the war myself.

I just think there are some things in the background driving our intentions that shouldn't be.

I know friends who came back and told the same thing you just did, about the kids you gave food to, and the families that are happy we are there. That warms my heart. It's not meant to bash soliders.

It's meant to say, there are people dying over there, and I hope they are dying to protect our freedom, and free others, not because a president with ties in the oil industry wants to drive up his worth in the process.

Again, I appreciate all your service to our country my friend :)

mindtrance profile pic Artist

Point well taken. I'll have to put some energy into a shirt that would please all then. Not an Anti-war, but a pro peace.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

the design is pretty good. But...

mindtrap, I don't like the fact that you have commented on your own work and defended yourself in the comments. The shirt should stand on it's own without all this debate.
There's also something that bothers me about the whole Wheel of Fortune thing being used. I mean, to me, Wheel of Fortune is such a cheezy pop culture reference, and this is supposed to be some pseudo-intellectual "I have an opinion and I am going to force it on you with my shirt" type of thing. I think that Wheel of Fortune kind of blows the credibility of that, maybe that's just my opinion.
That being said, I do basically agree with the message. Take what you will from this....

mindtrance profile pic Artist

I'm not defending anything, as a human being with morals I don't think it's right to let a soldier let alone anyone else be upset by something I did or said. It's called Tact.

That being said, I tend to not look at Democrat vs Republican. I just look at the issues. I'm an independent for that very reason. I don't want to be put into a box by being forced to associate with either viewpoint.

The sole reason for the wheel of fortone reference is to say "no blood for oil" in a clever way by buying the vowel. Nothing more, Nothing less.

mindtrance profile pic Artist

and by courage you mean wax? :)

.onion profile pic Alumni

a good message, i guess. good execution- i really really like the soldiers and flag behind the letters.

for everybody's who's forcing his or her opinions on others:
just accept other peoples' ideas about the war- no need to get so riled up about it.

p.s. i'm a pacifist- so shoot me.
p.p.s. you're supposed to comment on the SHIRT, not the WAR.
p.p.p. i pay $3 per gallon.

mindtrance profile pic Artist

it's okay... that's why it's called I'd like to buy a vowel. One vowel solves the entire puzzle.


whoo! finally a shirt thats taken more flak than one of mine!!!

I personally like the design. Its very well done and I would proudly wear it. While the "No blood for oil" line is getting a bit cliche, this is just different enough that it works. Great work.

As for the "Patriots" who have suggested that pacifists not have cars, I offer this simple question:
Would you buy a more expensive car if it would save someone's life?


I'm not sure what's more disappointing; that nobody seems to have an idea what the whole Iraq war is really about, or that a group of people who obviously consider themselves quite bright can be sucked into a futile argument over an obsolete perspective. sigh

mindtrance profile pic Artist

So you think blood should be spilled over oil? It's not an anti war shirt or even and anti soldier shirt. It's anti sacrificing human lives for us to have cheaper gas, and to line the pockets of the people who profit from oil, including our president.


$5. Agree with the message, but most importantly-- great design!


i love what phones wrote.. this reminds me of a tag i saw on the side of an old gas station in downtown kansas city missouri.. it said of course " no blood for oil" then the tag artist signed it " discover" i think it might be gang related.


I'm a liberal... and this shirt is a complete turn off for me. Why the hell don't people focus on the many bad reasons we really went to war, instead of yet another conspiracy theory? This administration is bad enough we don't need to reach.


clever, but very obnoxious- so preacy and rude- too bad such a pain in the butt message

mindtrance profile pic Artist

you don't have to explain anything, it's your opinion :)

mindtrance profile pic Artist

that doesn't mean we should be greedy and keep our prices low, and others high so we can live for cheaper prices. It's greedy

mindtrance profile pic Artist

you are 100% correct St3v3n

mindtrance profile pic Artist

nope, nor did I say that. Bush is the current president that could do something to FIX it and doesn't though.


you bought yourself a 0 (zero)


politics aside...the first thing that came to mind was "no blind for nil"which made no sense. only after i read the title did I know what you wanted to say.

plastikaa profile pic Alumni

at the end of the day, us brits pay $6.87 equivalent for 1 US Gallon of petrol. (£1 a litre approx)

Yeah... ouch! So how cheap is it over there at the moment?

mindtrance profile pic Artist

I'm going to redesign this in a week or so.

mindtrance profile pic Artist

why does this say it was designed by jrallan on the front page when I designed it?

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