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WAY to random to work imo... that is quite a classic clipart like image of two people and then theres squirrels and dear???

huebucket profile pic Artist

This is my original art work ! no copy! no clipart ! totally made by my drawing . :)


I would buy this, there is just something about it I really love


IC-Three, at 4:45pm on Apr 13, 2006

, i'd say loose the symmetry and create a drawing that is quirky. the whole crest thing is on it's way to being overdone.

haha. stick with the symmetry, those who don't like symmetry won't buy it, big surprise. this is a great design.

Big Ed

I would like it if the people in silhouette looked more the style of the surrounding animals, which BTW, are awesomely done.

huebucket profile pic Artist

Thanks for scored and comments :)

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