smoking gun

Design by Andy Mason

smoking gun by Andy Mason on Threadless
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i'd like it better if the outline was smoother like the rest of the ginnand not angular. but i like the execution pun intended


It's a cool idea, but I would ease up on the stroke usage.


I wish there was a gun
that would let you shoot
lit cigarettes at people.

Seriously, I wish there was
only one outline around the
gun and the smoke.


I don't undertsand why anyone would comment on the text. It's clearly not on the Tee itself as demonstrated by your short placement.


i really like this design and id wear it if it was printed for sure... 5$


one line of stroke, no text that would be a buy from me...


This shirt comes off as so preachy that it gave me lung cancer.
Even if you didn't intend for the shirt to be anti-smoking, It's not what you intend to present, but what the viewer gets out of it with art. If it just so happens that you're sending the same message that people are getting, then you totally lucked out.


saasaa: You don't understand the OJ joke? Wow.
I'm a smoker. I don't like it.

Big Ed

I want to punch the next person who says "text"

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