Ship in a bottle

Design by Glennz

Ship in a bottle by Glennz on Threadless
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bortwein profile pic Alumni

The cork could use some texture. A little pirate skeleton half buried in the sand next to the ship would have been cool too.

You are very good at illustrating bottles. Very cool.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

very impressive the way it stands as is... to all who dont like the t color, looks like he almost had to with the color restrictions, the cork could use some texture, would really add to the concept, dont agree with adding sea creatures, but overall its not really something i would wear... just doesnt pop for me, 3 for an ace design though


Yeah add some sea life, and maybe a few chunks of seaweed then you've got 5$ but at the moment you're sitting on a solid 4


fish=good idea


hm... the perspective seems off - someone said the bottle looks flat - it does, and that bugs me

if the bottle looked more 3D i'd like it better


I'm not keen on the drip coming out.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Great glenny


as far as the perspective on the bottle, it could be one of the old whiskey bottles or whatever. and the wrecked ship could be how alcohol can wreck lives.

if you want to get that deep.


I actually think the perspective is ok, from a design aspect. The water is not in perspective because it's supposed to be the horizon of the eye, the center of the image, so perspective occurs around that line (if that makes sense). Notice how the far top edge of the bottle appears below the edge in the foreground.


it looks more like a hipflask than a bottle that would have a ship in it

but it's a funny idea

tesco profile pic Alumni

of couse this is top notch, but I do much prefer your enterprise in a bottle more. obligotary 5

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