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bortwein profile pic Alumni

This is a class 5$ hurricane.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

We're all here because we love shirts that have designs printed on them, so there really shouldn't be a single one of us who's uncomfortable having people stare at our chest. Besides that, why does someone walking toward you on the street have to 'get' your shirt? You know what the message is - that's why you wear it. And anyways, doesn't the fact that it looks cool outweigh everything else? 5$.


i liked it before i knew idea behind it. $5

jublin profile pic Alumni

definitely a winner here. this is really probably my favorite of yours. or of all time? who knows....

mikemills profile pic Alumni

No problem theworldinyour_eyes. T-shirts are all about perspective ; )


i don't think i would've gotten that without the explanation -

i kept thinking "why are there seagulls in the laundry room?'

it's a good illustration - but i think the scale of destruction shown is too subtle to convey the message about the increasingly devastating nature of the storms




like the colors really 5$

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

cool illustration, I dont quite like the framing lines much, but they work for the most part. Its a great idea too, that stands on its own without any knowledge of what it really means, and gets cooler the more you know.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Grrrreat idea pally 5$

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Very original!
Good job.


I concur with Bodishmosherson, I totally thought it was the birds fault, and feel kinda stupid, because I NEVER would have connected it with a hurricane warning, I blame it on I live in Alaska. Which will never have hurricanes, at least in this lifetime.

Apart from my ignorance about natural disasters I'll never see, this design rocks. GREAT choice of color, and I think the stripes in the background really add something.

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