wOrld peace

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wOrld peace by rockstart on Threadless
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no thanks. world peace is overrated.


chasingmystar's idea about making it slightly more sketchy is cool. The peace signs are so regimented. What if the blue of the shirt was the same as the blue in the world?

Lake Michigan is missing! Threadless is a Chicago company, right? Might want to include Lake Michigan! ;)


In this design the world is on a slant, but the peace signs are vertical/horizontal. If the world is tilted wouldn't the peace sign pattern tilt as well? What about morphing them a little bit on the edges to make it look more 3D? Also, instead of the white how about a light green and then dark green peace signs. From far away it would look like a simple picture of the world, but when closer you could see the peace signs. Oh, and how about putting it on a darker shirt? A navy or a dark grey? That would give it a faux outerspace look.
I don't know.. Just thought I would give you some ideas..

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