Tastes like chicken...

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Tastes like chicken... by karamb on Threadless
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theres a zebra on the tv, thats what it has to do with food. Duh...


i like the zebra on the tv, but not so much that the reptile's skeleton is showing. if the tv were inside the reptile, showing the skeleton would be ok. but otherwise i think it makes it more confusing and takes away from the fact that the reptile is trying to eat a zebra but its on a tv.

i kept saying reptile bc i was thinking alligator but didnt want to in case you wanted it to be a crocodile. either way. i liked it a lot other than that. $4


croc no too smart - eat tv zebra - djt! djt! - sparky - spazzy - skelecroc.

like that was hard to get. kudos on the stylized skeleton. the image might be a tad on the large side- but it can easily be scaled down. and sagestone looks best.

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