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Design by Zechariah

Awkward by Zechariah on Threadless
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Big Ed

Dude, this shirt is SO hilarious. Did you read Dave Barry's Guide to Guys; he does a whole chapter about public urinals and how you are always supposed to have a "buffer urinal" between you and the first guy who was in there so he doesn't get all weirded out and think you're checking out his junk. I am so going to email Dave about your shirt; he would definitely get it.


5 for the concept, -1 for the identical twins. 4.

Zechariah profile pic Artist

I was trying to keep it simple and funny, hence the copied character. Thanks for your input thus far. I won't make that mistake again in any future submissions.

Big Ed, I can't say I've read that, I've just been in that situation a lot lately it seems.


the idea is awesome, but the guy needs to be different, not a clone

Zechariah profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback. I'll certainly take this all into account for my next submission, whenever that will be... Thanks though for taking a look.



my friends put up a sign on the middle urinal at their school
"please do not use... it is social tabboo"


composition is weighted too heavily to the left (as you face it)

Big Ed

I doubt Zechariah meant for this to turn into a gay/straight battle. For crying out loud people. Nobody is speculating on the sexual orientation of either male. It's just an observation on social awkwardness. Lighten up.



I hate when that happens...

Zechariah profile pic Artist

It's not meant to be a stab at homosexuality vs heterosexuality... it's aimed at restroom etiquette. Generally there's an unspoken rule that you leave a one urinal buffer between you and the next person when available.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I think there's a rule about submitting similar designs otherwise I'd change the guy to our left.

Zechariah profile pic Artist

Tophy, it's not uncommon for me to keep salted meats in my pants... sometimes cheeses as well, it seems to be very popular at parties that I attend. (tongue in cheek).


dude, when this happens at a bears game it's like "what are you doing dude, there's three more pissers!"


I am a girl and I would buy this shirt if you made it two different guys. Cute idea, I didn't notice it was the same guy at first then it made me not like it as much.

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