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I wantthis right now! It's like it was custom made for me. Who else likes giant bugs and tea? I want to meet them. $5

tomburns profile pic Alumni

effin a - 5$


I really like how the image stirs my
imagination to come up with events
that would lead up to this situation.

- no text, please -


oh yeahhh suits me.
im british
love it!


I voted a 5 and BUY,
but I don't want to buy
a guy's shirt with this
image in light pink.

I prefer a pastel purple image
on the shirt.


This is stellar work. The text adds nothing, as they're obviously drinking tea. Plus it doesn't give us permission to dwell on 'naked lunch.' Still, I gaave this a 5 earlier today and I'm sorry I didn't give it a $ too because it really is quite spectacular.


P.S. the chair backs are fine. If they were altered or more detailed or anything, they would no longer be in balance with the wonderful complexity of the centipede silouhette. Don't listen to the nitpickers.


instead of losing the text, it could really add to the design by saying something better than just "tea time". the little flairs on either side of the text really compliment the Victorian feel of the image, but why not have it say "tea time with Miss (insert stuffy English last name here)" or something along those lines that adds a little more of a story.

but whatever, that would only improve what I already consider a 5$.


Reminds me of Naked Lunch.


cut out the bottom text.


Best shirt ever, with or without text. 5$!
I really really really want one.


ha! unnecessary text though.

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