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oh no.
this si freaky.
but i proly would wear this...

bonaparte profile pic Artist

LOL is one of the bestest compliments ever! Thanks!

bonaparte profile pic Artist

That's cool. I will work harder on nailing the insolent 16 year old girl demographic next time.

She Says So

heh. pretty cool.

bonaparte profile pic Artist

That's a good point about the 'universal man' symbol being done a lot, indigoglass, but when you look at this particular example, the whole point is to use universal men in a funny situation. If these were detailed silouhettes, it stops being funny and ironic and just becomes a tracing of a scene from a movie.


way to go on your snappy retort to Robot!'s insulting, non-constructive comment. too bad she probably won't come back to read it. this is a hilarious idea, and pretty well done, too. keep it up

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i, too, found the retort amusing.


Cool design, a good spin on the classic 'universal man' theme. I'd buy it!


...the fact that this is so similar to those 'shirts that 13 year old boys wear' is what makes it so funny.... right? Am I not ostentatious enough to catch some higher need to analyze this to its core?
I don't know that I'd wear this, honestly, but I do enjoy the design. The Igor hump is what makes this.

bonaparte profile pic Artist

Y'know, actually I'm not familiar with those shirts at Hot Topic. I hope this isn't TOO much like those. That would kinda blow. I think (hope?) what makes this different is the unexpected application of an iconic horror theme.


of all the restroom men shirts and frankenstein shirts, i would put this in the top of each category.
i wouldnt wear it, but its better than the others. $5


Id rock it for sure!

mezo profile pic Alumni

If you actually drew this, it'd be a 5 and buy for sure...But using the restroom iconography really cheapens your concept andmakes it look static.

bonaparte profile pic Artist

It really doesn't cheapen the concept. It IS the concept. That's why the shirt is called "Under Construction" and the characters are done in universal symbols in yellow and black, like road warning signs. If I "drew" these - as a couple of you have mentioned - there would be no concept, just an archetypal scene pulled from a movie. The concept here is universally recognized construction signage juxtaposed against a completely unexpected type of construction.

It's just supposed to be funny. It's really not that deep.

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