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6x6x6 by Trashcan on Threadless
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ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

Maybe if you did '666' in binary or hex, or using an equation that totalled '666' instead of using an equation that DIDN'T. 'Cause it's gonna be nerds wearing this, and they don't take kindly to math errors!

Otherwise, fivenbuy, because I'm a total sucker for pixellatey things.

Trashcan profile pic Artist

but it's a cube 6x6x6!


the devil's new number is 617

Trashcan profile pic Artist

is it? why?
would it help if i had 6(6(6)) instead?


nice. Always like a good orthographic projection! two comments: smaller type. I'm a type geek, myself and I often find that using type is a matter of contrast. Here the type has the same presense as the illustration. If the type were smaller, it would add a bit of visual tension. It would also cause the viewer's eye to move between the two rather than settle somewhere in the middle. Make the viewer work just a little bit...

I also wonder if adding one more black cube at the bottom near corner to make the beard pointier might help.

5 as it is and $ with smaller type

Trashcan profile pic Artist

@barkon aye it probably would i was also thinking of adding some flames or something in a similar style what do you think?


Flames are a tough call. I wouldn't want to distract from the head. But, now that you mention it, it does need something like that. I wonder if shirt color might make it more cohesive. I think the illustration really deserves work.

And I just found out today that the new number is 616, 617 is the Boston, MA area code.

Trashcan profile pic Artist

dammit!, just my bloody luck! a cube 6 long,1 deep and 6 high just wouldn't work so well :¬(


looks cool.. dont need the numbers though

Trashcan profile pic Artist

@krebscout-thank you,thank you,thank you!
@turkeymonkey-i'm working on a revision of this with cuboid flames and it looks kinda cool!.


I like the math text - most people wont give a crap about it's math political correctness ....they'll interpret it as 6 x6x6 away. And get it. This is a shirt almost everyone can enjoy, not just holier than thou math or computer geeks if he went a bianary route. Its kinda false advertising if you were wearing a shirt with bianary code and arent a computer geek anyway. Its the reason I dont wear those t-shirts, although I understand and enjoy the joke. Just keep it the way it is, for the lay people.

Trashcan profile pic Artist

thans for all the comments, i feel the text is important to illustrate that it is a 6x6x6 cube, because who the hell is going to spend the time counting the cubes on your shirt?

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