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JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

woooooooah! This is killer! If it actually had shiny beef/condiments it would be almost too stunning. Almost. 5$

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

nice use of teh 4 coor process


that's nice, but it's a hamburger. plus it's a mcdonald's hamburger. i'd rather eat my uncle's glass eye.


I'm pretty sure they said that you can't use halftones....


Yeah those halftones are WAY too small! This is exactly what they're talking about when they say 'no halftones.'

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

plans and zool - the halftones are plenty large on the clean art file thats 8" wide. when shrunk down to a 72dpi gif of course they look small - cripes -

She Says So

id wear it if they added juicyness. $4

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

ekaj47, at 4:02pm on Mar 13, 2006

infamousempire - plans and zool - the halftones are plenty large on the clean art file thats 8" wide. when shrunk down to a 72dpi gif of course they look small - cripes -

staffell profile pic Alumni

Its a nice idea jake, and probably the most intelligent use of 4 colours I have seen ever, so 5 for that, but at the end of the day it IS just a simple burger, so I wouldn't wear it. That's just me being 100% honest, dont hate me!! :)

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

jett - i do separations for a living - my seps always come out clean and having good seps makes it easier for a pritner to print - the print shop i work for never has a problem with my process seps, index seps, simulated process seps or plain ol spot seps. and yes this can be applied to any image, i just havent seen anyone on threadless do it yet. and yes it is just a burger - but its an extra tasty burger.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

Seannerz, - the halftones are large enough to print - trust me - they say no photographs proably so kids just dont put a full color photo up without it being separated already, my image is already separated - registration isnt that difficult - they have systmes that make it easy to line up - you put the seped out film on a carrier sheet with certain hole placements for easy locking - then burn the screen with the same system in place to ensure each film is burned in the same spot on each screen - trust me i work in a print shop

antisocialbutterfly - one of the crew from threadless made a blog saying not every logo had to be about drinks - i also did a logo for the drink irish car bomb but people were offended becuase people die in car bombs?


I wouldn't wear it since I hate hamburgers, but it's a GENIUS design, so you get a 5 from me.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

blue loonacy - there was no filter used on this - this is a 4 color process sep i did manually through photoshop - i dont use filters for any separation process i do. and your obviously a real smart guy because cmyk when printed on top of eachother does make the colors shown, take a closer look at any magazine or print media, i'm sure you'll see a similar halftone pattern

look it up - it takes about 2 minutes on google -

bortwein profile pic Alumni

How did this even get approved? They say that they are not accepting Tiny Half Tone Patterns and Photographs, and that's exactly what this is...


interesting, the guidelines say no tiny halftones, no photographs, and yet you submit halftone photograph. of hamburger.

how tiny is tiny? we must now wonder. roy lichtenstein did non-tiny halftones, but those were bigger.


that's one all beef patty special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun...add tomato...mmm


Jake, of course you're right about the process and obviously well-practiced. It's interesting to see someone go for this on Threadless. Well done on that.
But unfortunately you have only ended up with a picture of a burger, which is kinda dull. It's a technical accomplishment, but not a creative one. Points for pushing the process, more still when you use it for a cool design.

d3d profile pic Alumni

it would be really cool if each colour was offset and inch or two.


no matter how much you pontificate about the "process" in the end, you get a picture of a hamburger. why would i wear this?

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

its it just a burger - i used a burger because its an Extra Tasty comp and burgers are EXTRA FREAKING TASTY! plus i was eating a burger when i did this. everyone can relax - you wear shirts with just a word on it - you wear shirts with just a cartoon on it - think of it that way if you want to categorize this - but its not just a burger, its a 4 color process burger - this is more about the 4 color process - the halftones are not small - at an 8" wide burger, 300 dpi resolution - 25 line screen - the halftones are huge. to give you some kind of reference at my work we use 55-60 line screen, these are tiny halftones used to blend colors and make gradients look smooth when printed on a shirt.

also - why are people so worried about acting like they work for threadless and need to point out their rules? we all read the rules, these are not tiny halftones when viewed at real size - again when shrunk down to a 72 dpi gif image, yes they are gonna look small.

obviously i'm gonna submit this process again - but i will use something other than a burger, maybe a hot dog or some meatloaf


Alright, ekaj47 ! ! !

Shaking things up on Threadless. Way to go, man!

That is one awesome burger and the gel ink idea
is very extra tasty. MMMmmmm. . . . * drooooolllllll *

In my Threadless combo meal I'd like
a super sized 5 for this
and a big $$$ BUY $$$

to go of course :D

( I'm waiting in anticipation to see your
other submissions that use this process )

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

i dont know what 2k is? but you guys havent done it and i havent seen you guys print a real cmyk 4 color process shirt? and its not exactly the same, it looks like theirs was seped out as simulated process if i had to guess or a transfer - their shirts do look good and tasty though - thanks for commenting i've been awaiting the day a threadless staff commented, good or bad - kick ass

and my lady told me i should have added a drink and fries!

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

why not print process jobs - its only 4 colors

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

labing -your great help - really i cant wait to tell you some bullcrap on your next sub


i would like to see a shirt with the 4 color thing, like you have in the picture.,

Ava Adore




All process is four colors.

Threadless only does spot.

And they just won't print this.

If you made the burger SO large, and displaced the halftones SO much that it looked like a giant, macro shot of a hamburger, that might pass.

This will not.

Which isn't to say it wasn't a good try. But it's process. And Threadless doesn't do that.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

maxandglad - this only looks crude due to the fact I had to shrink down a clean image to 649x480 pixels at 72 dpi - it looks sharp in my illustrator file.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

webdreck - your wrong - halftones are not hard to line up - if you know what your doing - and what the hell are you talking about a stencil for? there is no stencil in screenprinting unless your doing it at home - the moiré is necessary in cmyk printing - its what gives the illusion of a full color print when the inks are printed ontop of each other


I look forward to you using this process on future subs

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

webdreck - your wrong - your wrong - your wrong - i dont know what kind of a shop you worked in but your making 4 color process way too difficult, its just like printing a normal design - all that turning of the screens is a waste - i guess you guys never figured out how to really do it and you just did it the best way you could

and from your design on threadless, your unfinished web site with no portfolio, i can tell you dont know much about design or using illustrator.

the "stencil" your referring to is a freaking transparent film - you do not need to align the mesh with the halftone - if you use the right mesh screen for the right halftone size there is not problem, no reason to have to move the film around the screen to make it fit in the mesh? . moiré is when your dots do make an awful pattern but in cmyk you need a particular pattern for the halftones to overlap so they will print on top of one another so they can blend colors.

why dont you just stick to reading goggle for nonsense or looking at designs and going eww pretty or ewww ugly -

tesco profile pic Alumni

It IS just a burger, therefore... 5 and $

goodjob, and very brave. I hope they print this.


hey ekaj, it doesn't matter, i $5'd you anyways!

danrule profile pic Alumni

I think I'll believe the pre-press separation settings on PhotoShop over some threadless submission in regards to the angle of transparency.

And I don't know what shop you work(ed) at ekaj, but if you think moire is intentional and/or needed for CMYK I'd never do buisness with ya.

Design -wise, not for me, but good to start a technical debate here.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

danrule - i was heated and said moire as a mistake to mean that there is a particular pattern in cmyk process printing - moire in regular simulated process printing is bad - of course - i corrected myself up there ways. screw what the computer does for you though - do your own seps manually.

i still work for this shop - we do great work - for lots of cool companies and a lot of crappy ones - i'll say it again - i've never had a problem with my seps - i am not the best designer of course but i'll stand up for my separations - simulated process - index - a combo of the two - cmyk process or spot - give me some art and i'll make it print on a t-shirt and it will look just like what you gave me

danrule profile pic Alumni

Roger that ekaj, I wouldn't mind seeing some examples. When I worked at a shop we used FastRip to do 7 color separations, I hated those.

I don't hate this design, but if you're gonna do a CMYK here, it should screammm CMYK (conceptually too) for all us design/print otaku.


I love it when my hamburgers screammmmm !


Personally, what I love about this site is the creativity and artistic ability you can find (and possibly get to have on a shirt). If threadless starts printing photographs just because it's technically possible, something will have been lost here in my opinion. I'm not going to vote on this one. (by the way, I'm NOT saying that photographs can't be creative and artistic- hopefully you know what I meant)


i hate this. Why would you waste your time doing this?!

Larlar profile pic Alumni

This seems to be the most controversial burger I've ever seen.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

webdreck - if your so good at design why does your only threadless submission not look like you know anything about design and why did it score so low if your so good? - i dont just do separations either smart guy, i do plenty of design work as well - and no crap there is a difference between screenprint on a shirt and offset litho, good job pointing that out. - if your so good why have you not finished your portfolio? surely you would want people to see your stuff right? so where is it? and the site you have looks like any other site - i've seen 7th graders make a better web site.

again - cmyk of course is not new - i've never seen anyone do it on threadless, that was the only reasoning for this - the subject matter can obviously be different -you can make the halftones as large as necessary for print -

- but this was for a FREAKING EXTRA TASTY CONTEST AND WHAT IS MORE EXTRA TASTY THAN A FREAKING HAMBURGER - that is why its a burger on a shirt


Three things:
1. Red meat rules. Burgers are tasty!
2. I used to believe that ekaj47 worked in a shop, but now I think he just sits in front of his computer defending himself to a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do than carry on an excruciatingly long and futile argument about 4 color process.
3. Red meat rules!

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

webdreck - talk your trash i'll talk it right back - if you had only said you didnt like the logo it would have been done - your insane to check back on my art everyday to see what new i've said - usually people just say what they want and never check back - odd really - you say you dont care what i think but here you are writing back on my art telling me more crap i dont need to read - you may be infatuated with me

score doesnt really matter and i never claimed to be a the best designer - all 13 of those designs you speak of i would much prefer than a goofy looking guy with a horrible dotted outline and a tooth above his head, i'm sure anyone i ask would agree -would you even want to wear your crap design on a t-shirt? i doubt it


ekaj47 is right! Size doesn't matter. According to my priest I ..., oh SCORE doesn't matter. Right...

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

i meant to say scores of those 13 already scored designs dont matter

size does play a role though - ask my lady

when i comment on designs on threadless - i dont comment on the ones i dont like and i dont tell the person who submitted it why i hate it or how bad it is or they are wrong about their own art or they are idiots to submit this design, its just not what i would wear on my shirt and the 0-3 reflects that enough - when i comment on a design i let a person know i like it or what i like about it - no point in being an ass to someone for no reason unless they've been an ass to you first


little peeved since I once submitted a design with a few large, single color halftones a while ago and got denied - they wouldn't even put it up.
Is threadless changing the guidelines here?


i LOVE diesel sweeties!

and now i'm also quite hungry...

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

webdreck - your obviously a sad man to take every word so literally - you must be lonely and the internet is you mate - eat it

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

to all of you besides mr webdreck the infatuated monkey - the comments have been fun - even if it is just a burger- its an extra tasty one

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

ellswhere you can eat it and choke on it


Sorry mates, I've been gone a few days. So who pissed furthest?

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