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I would wear this in yellow, blue, or green.

In fact, if the guy's and girly's were printed in different colors, I think I would have to buy it in both colors.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

dig it on the sage, really interesting jot design


i don't really get it. but it's cool.


magnum opus ... or5

d3d profile pic Alumni

i don't understand, am i missing something or is it just a bunch of latin?
looks great anyway.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Artist

hee hee... ALRIGHT! for those of you who are puzzled by what the text bubble is saying (hence the "huh?") it's a frequently relied upon "tool" called greeking (or Lorem Ipsum"). When a designer is working on a project that will contain large blocks of text (like a brochure) but he/she hasn't received the text yet the designer will use blocks of "greeking" text in design to see (and illustrate to the client) what the finished product will (roughly) look like.

You can go to sites like to generate paragraphs of greeking to use.

The ultimate joke is: the client will, more than likely, be utterly confused by the "dumby text" and the designer will have to explain to them what it "means". I know... too much of an inside joke but I couldnt' help myself.

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