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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

ahhhh the prolific and talented arzie13

I love this one, just as much as all your other designs, the concept is intriguing and the execution is perfect

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

This one is great Ross! I like just the simplicity of it. The puffy ink would be cool too.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Peace is good, so is your design.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Wasn't there once a dove? For shoulder placement? I liked the dove! I also like this design.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

nice one, Ross... the puffy ink is a nice touch.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

I agree with the depudy nice touch with the puff ink, any opportunity to run ones hands over a womans chest is a goodun... this will be printed for woman as well... right?

franx profile pic Alumni

the only thing better than peace is puffy peace.


"Is there any way to make the pieces connect in the C ?"

I ponder this also but still am in love and lust with this design. 5$.

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