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no, the computer is leaning the right way


I kinda read it at first as the plugged in monitor jumping at the cat. Took me a minute to get the directionality of it. Maybe that's just me.


All of this confusion over which way the monitor should be leaning. At first, I thought it was leaning the wrong way, but then realized that it wasn't. You just have to think about it. However, it seems that the monitor is going towards the cat, instead of the mouse running away from the cat while dragging the monitor. I don't know how you could make it look differently though.


great design! try it on green; threadless needs to print a cat shirt already!!!!!!! $$$5


Oh dear, that's hilarious and cute. Wonderful.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

Some of you idiots need to learn some physics. What is moving is likely to keep moving, what is still is likely to stay still.Besides monitors are pretty top heavy.

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