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Design by starr226

Tangled by starr226 on Threadless
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that's all very well but i don't think the average person looking at this would realise all that, so what edge there would be is lost

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Starr! this has really come a long way from your earlier submissions! That is awesome. You are improving leaps and bounds. I think this is a really solid idea. I think the strongest one is the sage/gray version. It really makes the crowns pop out.


all the rats are different which is cool - i like the rat standing

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I like the idea of it being on Heather Grey, I think it would look the best that way. Nice 5.

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is interesting....the yellow rat eyes reminds me of The Secret of Nimh. Which is a compliment.


I love the overall shape made by the rats.


i dont think you need a backstory for a shirt to work..half the fun is explaining your shirt. This illustration works with or without the story. nice.


i like the reference to something relatively obscure, i recognized it immediately and would comment if i saw someone wearing this.

i like it on sage, but am not sure about the placement.

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