Dead End

Design by yoshi andrian

Dead End by yoshi andrian on Threadless
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yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Artist

colour: yes, it is 5 colours. this illustration has many colours at the first time, but I changed it for subs to 4 colours. i missed the one below the capsule. grey supposed to be light blue... thanks mayzmob
perspective: i guess not puschi.. capsule is sliding down and slant position, so the perspective is fine.
life analogy: i admit its little bit too deep for this kind of illustration…. was feeling a bit depressed coz my submission hasn’t came on the scoring yet when i wrote it… haha

thanks for all your comments!…


Perhaps if we were looking down on both the trolly and the water? But that would mean having to design the thing all over again...
Or maybe... leave the trolly as is, and make the ripples much much bigger and extend them in elipses towards the left shoulder to give the apearance of being underwater

I really like the concept though, veddy nice.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

as if the trolley came out of a "black hole" of some sort. i don't see it as water. sorry.

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