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Perfect for all those hopeful Threadless submitters out there! Love his facial expression.


i think the horizontal line is unnecessary... this shirt is strange but somewhat likeable.

le_hell profile pic Artist

there are four little quadrates on the top right side. these are showing the colors used: red, yellow, flesh and black. the rest is the color of the shirt.


i like pretty rainbows, but not when they come out of people's butts.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

if youll pay attention the 5 colours is only on the large image, not on the actual shirts - where the shirt colour has been used in the rainbow.

le_hell profile pic Artist

yes, thank you. thats what i tryed to explain. well i guess its my mistake that i should have made the shirts bigger, in that case everything would be understandable.


But . . . we already have a clown puking a rainbow! How many rainbows-emerging-from-orifices shirts do we really need?




lose the text and its a 3, with it i vote 1

sorry, nice illy though


I've never seen more assholes congrigating at one website until now. Everyone has to gripe about something on this shirt. First its about the colors because half of you are too dumb to see the color of the shirt is one of the colors and the other half are too ignorant to read the mans post explaining the colors.

Some of you people made some of the dumbest comments ever here. For example, saying it wouldn't make sense outside of the threadless community? So this one makes sense to people outside the community? Go through the full store and tell me how many make sense outside the community. I'd guess about 5. And for those of you who think that this only applies to threadless, it doesn't. It applies in all forms of media. The general idea is there. Maybe just change the t-shirt to a canvas and it will be easier to understand?

All in all, I think its a good concept. Some things could be changed, but the idea is there. More people should give criticism instead of complaints, so that maybe this guy can improve. But then he might win I suppose, and no one wants anyone to win but themselves. Typical.

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